Welcome to Our College

Welcome to Our College



Aditya PU College     


Ethnic Day Celebration on 3 Feb 2017 and Saraswathi Pooja

All the best to First PU  and II PUC Board Exams . God Bless You  From Management and Staff.


PU Results

  Distinctions: Science   Anusha.V 543 90.5%(PCMB) PHY=93 CHM=94 MATHS=85 BIO=96 KAN=95 ENG=80 Commerce Manjula .M 534 89%(CEBA) ECO=87  BUS=94  ACC= 92 CS=86 KAN=91  ENG=84 Sindhu


International Yoga Day 2017

Yoga is a Physical,Mental and / or Spiritual practice attributed mostly to India. The Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi in his UN address suggested the

About APUC

Aditya is one of the top pu colleges Bangalore, provides quality sustained essential higher education to all times adapting to changing environment for a meaning full and self supporting life.


We provide value based education to inculcate asense of responsibility,patriotism,social awareness and to become a good citizen of the country. Our Institution has state of the art infrastructure with well equipped laboratories, seminar halls, Auditorium, Digital Library with wi-fi -internet facility, Instrumentation room and other facilities.


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