Dear Students and Parents,

In this world of incessant changes, persistent desires and aspirations, the ‘Learning’ becomes inevitable for an individual. It’s my firm belief that youngsters are full of energy and enthusiasm and just a slight of guidance can transform their route towards a successful and satisfied life. The so called ‘Learner’ should overcome the difficulties faced in the path of goal oriented tasks to achieve their aspirations.

It’s a great privilege to me to be the Head of this great college and enjoy working with a dedicated, committed and hard working team of Teaching Faculty. This is being possible because of the support of visionary management which takes every single opportunity available with utmost seriousness to fulfill the needs of the budding young generation.

The highest possible academic standards is the single point agenda we set for our students. This will be possible to achieve by combined and concerted efforts of the teachers, parents and the community as a whole. An effective & strong bondage between the stake holders takes million steps forward in achieving the expectations of 21st century.

There is challenge in learning, particularly one that is meaningful as the individual about to venture into. The challenging efforts gives us a chance to better ourselves considerably by showing enhancement in learning process. Learning anything new is a long term process in which understanding each concept precisely and accurately is very important.

Therefore, “Together we shall empower our children to be life long learners in the pursuit of excellence”.

We, in the Aditya PU College, determined to fulfill your aspirations……………..

                  so, ……………… Come and join in large number ………….,your destiny is visible .

We look forward to welcome you  whole heartedly to our institution.

Mr. Y. Vijay Shankal

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